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You can easily support us via If you shop online through this website at all kinds of shops, such as, Coolblue or, you can choose Sounds for freedom as a charity. Part of your purchase amount will automatically go to Sounds for freedom. This doesn't cost you anything extra, as you pay exactly the same price. Now that's extra fun shopping!  

How does it work?

First please go to

  • At the top, you will see 'Sounds for freedom Online Learning Environment' appear as your chosen goal. The website then remembers the choice for us as a charity. Or you search via the search function: type in 'Sound' and you will end up with us.

  • If you see our name, Sounds for freedom, at the top, you can select your webshop from the list.  This is where you make your purchase.  

  • On DoelShop, you will see that the webshop donates a percentage/amount of your purchase amount. Because you have shopped through DoelShop, you donate this amount to Sounds for freedom via the webshop!

Many thanks
for your support!

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