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Online learning environment

Many schools, teachers, and parents are eager to work with our songs and teaching methods themselves. That's why we're busy creating an online learning environment for newcomer and asylum seeker center (azc) schools in the Netherlands.


We aim to develop a platform where teachers and children can access our complete method, helping them learn Dutch in a fun way.

Access to all songs

In the online learning environment, you have access to the songs we have developed. These songs are not only catchy but also contain words and phrases that are essential for newcomer children to learn. Each song is carefully composed with simple lyrics and rhymes that are easy to remember. Through repetition and rhythm, the children can naturally pick up the Dutch language.

Videos with singing exercises

Besides the songs, in the online learning environment, you'll find videos with singing exercises that are specifically aimed at sound formation in the Dutch language. These exercises assist in developing the correct pronunciation and articulation. Moreover, we use visual support to help children understand and interpret the sounds.

What you will find in the  learning environment:
  • Materials for 11 themes

  • Recordings of all songs

  • Downloadable lesson plans

  • Videos with singing exercises

As a school, you can offer a new lesson every week throughout the year! The plan is for the learning environment to be online for the school year 2024/2025.


To fund this, we are still looking for sponsors. Will you support us to achieve this?

Want to learn more?
Download our brochure!

For schools:
sign up now!

Schools can also help make this happen. With a contribution of €250, your school will be among the first to secure a spot in the online learning environment in September 2024! Because we want to develop and test this in collaboration with a number of schools, there is limited space in the first year. Sign your school up!

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