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Meet Our Team


Our team exists out of experienced leaders, professional musicians and music teachers, all with a great love for music and the heart in the right place. We are all fully committed to make a succes out of Sounds for freedom. Feel free to contact us with questions for collaboration. We are excited to work with likeminded people!

Evelien Graat

Founder & Director

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

- Paulo Coelho -

With many years of experience in various cultural organisations it was time to commit to my life mission: music from the heart for vulnerable people, especially children. Since my childhood I've been writing poetry, played the violin since I was 5 years old, studied at the 'Vrije Muziek Akademie and started with songwriting at the age of 21. As a violin teacher I worked 7 years for the 'Leerorkest' in Amsterdam, which was a wonderful experience. Trained as a classical violinist, songwriter and music teacher and equipped with knowledge of running a non-profit organisation it all comes together in the honorable role of director for Sounds for freedom. More importantly: coming from deep valleys, music has been the greatest inspiration to follow my dreams. Now it's time to give back to society.

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Foto Evelien Graat viool_edited.jpg
Foto Evelien Graat viool_edited_edited_edited.png

Board members


Robert-Jan Nieland


“The importance of the other and the world” motivates him, especially when that other person needs help. Assessing the “purity and transparency of everyone's intentions” is his yardstick for all the projects he tackles or supports.

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Michiel Mulder.jpeg

Michiel Mulder


Michiel has a passion for music and a heart for social injustice. In the past he has performed with a band and with cabaret songs. He was a member of the Amsterdam city council for eight years andwas a board member of a dance company foundation.

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Robert Moszkowicz1.png

Robert Moszkowicz


In his spare time Robert Moszkowicz plays as a pianist on his grand piano and does his best to play sounds created by himself. He shares our love for music and is willing to help us with his both musical and legal knowledge within our board.

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Organisation, experts & volunteers

Amrita Singh.jpeg

Amrita Singh

Marketing & Communication

Music is a medicine. It heals the soul and it makes you align with your true self... read more >>>

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Project leader Free as a Songbird & Office manager

Soon you can read here about our amazing collegue, who knows exactly how to organize! read more >>>

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Sascha Schaufeli

Project leader Summer Sounds & Video Production

Working for a greater purpose and connect more to my mission is what I want to do.. read more >>>

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Tanya akkerman.jpeg

Tanya Akkerman

Coordinator Summer Sounds

Soon you can read here about our amazing collegue, who is fantastic with the children! read more >>>

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Maaike Mayer.jpeg

Maaike Mayer

Teacher in multilingualism and language education

It was inspiring the way Desmond Tutu utilised the power of singing. read more >>>

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Diana Mol.jpg

Diana Mol

Music therapist, NT2 teacher COA Rotterdam

Soon you can read here about our the expertise of Diana, who trains our music teachers. read more >>>

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Rosa Klamer

Videographer & Photographer

Soon you can read here about our amazing collegue, who makes beautiful videos! read more >>>

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Dai Xizhe

Videographer & Montage

Soon you can read here about our amazing collegue, who makes beautiful videos! read more >>>

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Otto Webster


Soon you can read here about our collegue, who is super with numbers!. read more >>>

Musicians & Music Teachers

Esther Spee.jpeg

Esther Spee

Vocal coach & music teacher

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Melle Kuiper.jpeg

Melle Kuiper

Music Therapist

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Mireille Bittar1.jpeg

Mireille Bittar


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Ernest Dobber.jpeg

Ernest Dobber

 Music teacher & Songwriter

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Michelle Hartskeerl.jpeg

Michelle Hartskeerl

Music Teacher

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Maryana Golovchenko.jpeg

Maryana Golovchenko


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Els de Rooij.jpeg

Els de Rooij

Music Teacher

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Esther Segers.jpeg

Esther Segers

Music Teacher

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Feras Khouri.jpeg

Feras Khouri


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Bas Gaakeer.jpeg

Bas Gaakeer


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Modar Salama.jpeg

Modar Salama


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