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muzieklessen voor vluchtelingkinderen en nieuwkomerskinderen

"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination"

- Plato -

Free as a Songbird

We are thrilled to announce our project in the schoolyear 2023/2024 will be available through the whole Netherlands!


With Free as a Songbird children in Dutch newcomers schools receive music lessons from professional music teachers who are especially trained in working with refugee children. It gives refugee and newcomers children the opportunity to speak the Dutch language, while learning this through music.


The ability to communicate is the first step to freedom in society. Language therefore is a means, not an end. Communication has more forms than just language; expression of emotions is one of the ways.

Music is a universal language!

We invoke children to express themselves through songwriting and teach them Dutch songs we've written. Besides that: singing is a perfect way to practice the sound formation of our language. The repetition of music exercises stimulates active listening and articulation. With writing songs they tell their story in their own way. When they have done this in the lessons and performances, they experience success and growth and hopefully heal a bit of their trauma, which all leads to inner freedom.

Most of our teachers have worked in post-conflict areas worldwide and with newcomer children in the Netherlands. They therefore are equipped with knowledge and experience on working with this group of children and offer them a safe space to learn and develop themselves in the music lessons..


In the lessons we focus on teaching the Dutch language through singing. The kids even write their own songs and raps! At the concert the children perform with professional singers from e.g. Ukraine and Syria. They are role models for the children because of what they have reached in their lives and careers. Our program is based on input from music teachers, language professionals and music therapists. 


Then why is this all in English, you may think? Because we want to be accessible for anyone who likes to know about our work and that involves also people who speak other languages. 

Free as a songbird is supported by many different partners
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activiteit met vluchtelingkinderen en nieuwkomerskinderen

Care to join?

Would your school like to work with us? Please contact us for more information about the project or enroll for the new schoolyear 2023/2024! We also speak Dutch ;-)

Thank you for contacting us!

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