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muzieklessen voor vluchtelingkinderen en nieuwkomerskinderen

"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination"

- Plato -

Free as a Songbird

In our project, 'Free as a Songbird,' children at azc-schools and newcomers classes receive music lessons from professional music teachers who are specially trained in working with these children. It offers the opportunity to refugee and newcomer children to learn the Dutch language through music.

The music method and songs of the 'Free as a songbird' project align with the language methods that teachers use in many newcomer classes. It is based on the BAK-word list. The lessons are developed in collaboration with music teachers, music therapists, and language professionals. The project includes 40 lessons, during which teachers cover all the usual themes through music. At the end of the lesson period, a concert takes place at the school. Children participating in the program perform with professional musicians for an audience of parents, teachers, and other children.


Music is a universal language!


Communication is the first step towards freedom in society. Language is therefore a means, not an end. Communication has more forms than just language; expressing emotions is one of the ways. Music is the perfect way to do this, because music is a universal language!

A part of 'Free as a Songbird' is that the children write lyrics for songs. They use this to tell their own story and practice (unnoticed) the school words. The music lessons provide a social element in the learning process, because we believe singing and making music together is one of the best ways to make new friends.

Positive effects of 'Free as a Songbird':

  • The children experience singing together as fun and do not feel that they are learning.

  • The music lessons are very good for social-emotional development.

  • The project contributes to integration and social cohesion.

  • Singing Dutch songs has added value for sound development, fluency of pronunciation, and listening comprehension.

  • It will help with future school success and equal opportunities in education.

  • Music makes you smart!

A safe learning environment

Through our lessons, we stimulate children in a different way than normal. Creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment helps children really dare to show themselves and feel free to speak through music. This brings out talents that would otherwise not always be visible.

Our music teachers have extensive experience in giving music group lessons. We also work as much as possible with teachers who have worked with newcomer children before.

The target group of 'Free as a Songbird' is very different from regular education, and we believe it is important that teachers can provide a safe learning environment for children who have been traumatized by war situations. That is why we ensure that our music teachers are trained in advance in dealing with newcomer children.

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Songs in the project
Pannenkoeken tango
00:00 / 01:38

With the 'Pancakes tango' the newcomers learn sounds such as 'P' and 'K' in all kinds of combinations and of course all the words around this theme.


An up-tempo and energetic children's song, composed by Evelien Graat. And who doesn't love pancakes?


Care to join?

Would your school like to work with us? Contact us for information or register immediately for the new school year 2024/2025. Because the project is so popular, we currently have a waiting list.

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