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Be of help as an individual

Do you want to work with us to ensure that children of refugees and newcomers have fun, make new friends and feel at home in the Netherlands?  We are very happy with that! By financially supporting the music projects of Sounds for freedom, you contribute to the lives of many refugee children. Thanks to your donation, we can continue to work on new music projects, which will also make it easier for these children to integrate and learn the Dutch language playfully.


With your support, we can make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable children. Every donation, large or small, one-time or periodic, is welcome!  Together we are building a better future for refugee children and newcomers!

Donate directly, via form or bank

You can make a one-time donation via the form below, or opt for a periodic donation. You can cancel the periodic donation at any time.

You can also donate from your bank. You can transfer your donation to:
IBAN NL89INGB0675496136 t.n.v. Sounds for freedom

Sounds for Freedom is a cultural ANBI  and therefore complies with the rules for transparency regarding donations, gifts and subsidies. Every year we render account in an annual financial report. 

Many thanks
for your support!

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Etra tax deductions when donating

Did you know that when you donate to us, you can make use of tax benefits? Sounds for freedom is a cultural ANBI.  A cultural institution can apply to the Tax and Customs Administration for the status of cultural ANBI. ANBI stands for Public Benefit Institution. According to the Tax and Customs Administration, the Sounds for Freedom Foundation meets the requirements and is therefore an institution with the cultural ANBI status


If you, as an individual or company, donate to a cultural ANBI, you are entitled to extra tax benefits. A donation to a cultural ANBI can be claimed as a deduction for income tax. As a private donor (or sole proprietorship), you may multiply the deductible amount by 1.25.

Calculation examples tax deduction

If you give € 400 as a private individual (or sole proprietorship), you can claim € 400 x 1.25 = € 500 as a deduction. With a tax percentage of 50%, you will receive € 250 back from the Tax and Customs Administration. So you actually only spend € 150 on the donation (€ 400 – € 250). 

Even if you give a smaller amount, the benefit is considerable. With a donation of €100, the deduction is €125 (€100 x 1.25) and the tax benefit is €65, so you actually pay €35.

Conditions for tax deduction for donation:
To be eligible for a tax deduction for your donation, a few conditions apply: 

  1. The organization to whom you give the gift must be a cultural ANBI, such as Sounds for freedom.

  • In the case of a regular (one-off) donation, you must take into account the threshold amount. This is 1% of the aggregate income of yourself and your partner, if any, but at least €60. You can find an explanation here.
    This threshold does not apply to a periodic donation for at least five years. This donation can be recorded in a simple form, which can be downloaded here.

For regular donations, there is a maximum based on your income. You are not allowed to deduct more than 10% of your aggregate income from ordinary donations.

If you want to know more about tax deductions for financial support to Sounds for freedom, please visit the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

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