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Meet Samer


Samer Dabul, social media specialist

My name is Samer, and I come from Syria, a land of intense moments where people suffer from war.
I am 27 years old, born in the city of Aleppo. After the start of the Syrian revolution, I worked as a journalist and photographer in Syria, covering the humanitarian crisis, before transitioning to work as a media specialist in non-profit organizations.

It's been a tough journey since I left Syria several years ago until I arrived here. But my passion for photography and visual arts, along with my desire to be an active member of society, keeps me enthusiastic and passionate.

Since receiving a camera as a gift from my brother at the age of 18, I've been involved in photography. Starting from 2016, I worked as a news activist and photographer, reporting on the ongoing conflict in my homeland and sharing my photos with a global audience. My goal is to humanize the conflict, helping people understand and empathize with those fighting for freedom in Syria. With 300 million views of my photos on Pexels, I believe photography has the power to connect people across borders and foster a deeper understanding of the world around us.

In addition to photography, I am passionate about social media platforms and their management. I am committed to raising awareness among the public through these platforms. It's been a long and challenging journey.

Working for Sounds for Freedom was my opportunity and means of survival as a refugee in the Netherlands during the difficult waiting period. Waiting for procedures was tough, and I felt like I was losing my professional knowledge. So, I tried to find ways to help myself. Sounds for Freedom and its projects align perfectly with me. They support people like me, assisting them in learning the Dutch language. I am thrilled that I can use my experience in social media for this wonderful organization.

The hardest part since arriving in the Netherlands is that I lost everything I had in my previous life. I have to learn a new language and prove myself in the job market here. But my experiences have also made me stronger, and I persevere with confidence in the future.

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