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Summer Concerts 2022

In the summer holiday of 2022 we gave two wonderful concerts. Syrian singer, Mireille Bittar and Ukrainian singer-songwriter, INOYSON, performed at the emergency shelter locations for refugees in Amsterdam South. They sang for the residents and give a music workshop to the refugee children. We also invited Dutch children to be there, so they could meet each other and make music together.

Because music is the best way to make new friends!


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Watch the video of the workshop in Holiday Inn

INOYSON August 3 - Savoy Hotel

The special Ukrainian artist INOYSON left Ukraine after the war broke out and after a journey of five days, this singer-songwriter and composer now lives in Hilversum with a host family. Here INOYSON tries to continue making music, collaborating with Dutch musicians and introducing the world to Ukrainian art and culture. The multi-instrumentalist is working here in the Netherlands on new albums that will be dedicated to Ukraine. Watch a video of INOYSON.


Mireille Bittar August 10 - Holiday Inn

Mireille Bittar is a Syrian singer who studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She is founder and artistic director of the Mozaïek ensemble and performed in many opera's and on national television. Watch her video of 'We Want More 2021' here. 

Together with Feras Khouri (piano) and Modar Salama (percussion) she sings for us. They present music that is very close to our hearts; music from the Middle-East but also music from western classical tradition. They bring together these two different worlds and build bridges between western – and non western cultures.



The music workshops where given by Mireille Bittar and Orsaya Hertzinger. 

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