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the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you"

- Walt Whitman -

Sounds for freedom 

Sounds for Freedom is committed to refugee children and other vulnerable children and teenagers in the Netherlands through music projects. We do this through various projects where making music together is central.

We write our own children's songs and teach the children to compose songs themselves. We also develop songs about themes that appeal to the children. Children and teenagers learn the Dutch language playfully and become acquainted with our culture and each other's.

With our music projects, we aim to create awareness and connection. Music makes the children feel emotionally freer and gives them space to grow. It heals emotional wounds and brings people together. Every form of music is like therapy for the soul.

Our projects
Please donate!

Your donation, big our small, helps us to do our work. Please donate and be of help to thousands of refugee children.

We appreciate every donation, for only 50 cent per day you can sponsor a child to learn the Dutch language through music! Wish to donate as a company? We are super happy to get in touch and give something back in return to support both of our dreams. A monthly or annual gift helps us to do our work consistently and therefore grow the amount of children we educate.

Do you build this dream with us?

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Please support our online learning platform!

Our next (big) step is to create an online learning platform for all the (about) 500 newcomers & AZC schools in the Netherlands. In this platform, teachers and children can access our music method with the following:

  • Songs that help to learn Dutch

  • Video's with singing exercises

  • Educational games


With this platform, we provide education to 10,000 children per year. We are looking for partners to support and build this dream with us!

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